Heart-warming message left on Coles receipt

A Melbourne woman opened up her Coles home delivery package and received a pleasant surprise.

The delivery driver had left a heartwarming note nestled among her groceries.

It was in response to her own kind message which she had left on the delivery instructions.

“When I am expecting a delivery … I always write a sign to say thank you and just a few words wishing them good health etc so they know they are appreciated,” the shopper said in a Facebook post.

“Well, it was my turn today. Got a lovely note written on the bottom of my invoice.”

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In response to her greeting, the driver had left a message of his own.

The woman posted a photo of the handwritten note scrawled across her receipt of the delivery.

“Thanks for the kind words,” the driver wrote.

“Stay safe and well. Mal, Coles driver.”

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Melburnians have been pushed to their limits as they’ve been in one of the longest lockdowns in the world, and the kindness was a welcome change according to the woman.

“It really has lifted my spirits more than I can say,” the customer continued in her social media post.

A Coles spokesperson told shoppers to watch out for kind messages in their own deliveries.

This is the second time one of these notes has made national news in the past few weeks.

“We know lots of customers are choosing to shop on Coles Online at the moment and our Customer Service Agents (CSA) are busily delivering groceries all over Australia,” the spokesperson said.

“We love to hear positive feedback from our customers when they have a good experience, and we’ll be sure to follow up and congratulate this CSA on their thoughtful delivery!”

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