Cops save woman after snake wraps itself around her leg

A dramatic video has been released of a two metre python that had coiled itself around the leg of a helpless woman at a residence on Brisbane’s northside.

The video shows the female appearing relaxed, calm and even petting the python which had wrapped itself several times around her right leg in the driveway of a property at Ferny Grove.

The dramatic footage of the police rescue was captured, and released, by Queensland police.

As an officer arrives to meet the reptile, the officer asks if the victim is feeling ok as the python’s head bobbles beside her ankle.

“You’re petting a snake,” the female officer asks in amazement.

The woman apologises for making the emergency call, saying that if she had a friend over, she would have not needed to call.

As the officer goes to work on unravelling the reptile, the woman is seen holding the python’s head in her hand as if it was second nature.

“C’mon little guy, I know you’re not happy with me,” the officer says.

Once the snake has been unravelled, the woman picks it up and starts to walk off.

Unbeknown to the officer, the python was not a pet that had escaped its enclosure despite the woman petting the snake and remaining calm as if she owned it.

The officer asks if she would like some help “putting it back in its pen?”

However, the woman replied: “It’s wild”.

The shocked officer says, “Oh, seriously? Righty-o”.

The woman then walks over the garden bed and places the python on the ground, unharmed.

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